Fruin Engineering Ltd

hvac & Refrigeration


Whether your food and drink is just not being maintained at the correct temperature, or even your cabin heating/cooling system  isn't providing that comfortable environment, we can help. 


Probably the most important aspect of your engines life expectency and reliability


Flushing out the old acidic oil and salt water regularly will enhance the performance of your engine. Corrosion in the exhaust of many yachts has caused overheating problems and misery mid-season


A simple annual service can reduce many problems created by the envoiroment that boats live in



Whether you have had a small leak or a catastophic failure, we will endeavour to quickly and economically carry out repairs to get you under way again



If the time has come when the power just isn't there anymore or it's just a will it/ won't it start problem, Fruin Engineering can advise, supply and fit new and reconditioned units to your specification


micro bacterial growth


Boats in general by their nature create an envoiroment that diesel bug thrives


Diesel bug inhibits engine performance and can completely stop engines from running


Fruin Engineering can offer services from simple fuel polishing and preventative chemical dosing, to chemical treatment or tank cleans if you are unfortunate to have MBG onboard